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How to Find and Edit Dropshipping Products in SellStream

How to Find and Edit Products

Your turn key Dropshipping shop comes pre-loaded with several products based on the niche you selected. We recommend that you review the products in your shop, and make any adjustments that you feel are necessary. For example, there might be a product that you don’t want to have in your shop, or you want to change the name of a product. You can make changes like this as often as you wish when you log into your SellStream Shop.

From the Dashboard you can click on the Dropshipping Products button to instantly search for new products, or you can click on the Manage Products button to edit the products you already have.

How to find new Droshipping Products

Start by clicking on the Dropshipping Products button. This is where you have access to over 100,000 products to choose from.

To filter the products, simply type in the name of something you would want to sell. You can also filter on a Display Sort such as Price low to high, in additional to a particular niche. Clicking on the “Show Available Only” button will filter out any products that don’t currently have inventory.

A list of all the products matching that description will appear below. And you can click on the name of the product to see more details.

NOTE: If you are using a computer, you can right click on the name, and open the product in a new tab in your browser. That way, you can toggle over to the product to read the description and then close the tab to return to the full list of products you were just looking at.

On the product description page, you can see all of the images attributed to the product. You can see the wholesale price that you will be paying for the product, the Suggested Retail price that you will be selling the product for, and the Potential profit from that sale. If this looks like a good product for you, simply click on the “Add to My Shop” button.

How to Edit Current Products

To find the products that are currently in your shop, simply click on the Products tab in the menu navigation. If there is a product that you would like to edit or remove, go ahead and click on the name. You will be taken to the section where you can edit the product information such as the Name, Description, Price and More!

Scrolling down you will see the additional sections that you can edit.

Pricing Section

Down in the Product Pricing section, you will be able to adjust the price that you want to sell the product for. You do this by editing the Price Markup field which uses percentages. As you adjust the percentage, you’ll see that Your List Price instantly updates. We provide some suggested pricing scales. We recommend that you do a little research on the product to see what other shops might be selling it for.

Product Categories

This section allows you to create your own shop categories to organize your products. These Categories will show up on your website for customers to click and filter on.

Product Inventory

We recommend you take a look at the Product Inventory section to see the quantity available.

Product Visibility

And lastly, you will need to visit the Product Visibility Section. Now that you’ve edited your product to say what you want it to say, you are ready to display this product on your storefront, but clicking on the available option. If you would like to remove a product, click on the “remove this dropshipping product from my shop”.

Be sure to click on the Save button. You can save each section as you go, or at least click on this last button to save all of the changes for all of the sections.

Remember, you can make as many changes to the products as often as you would like.

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  1. So far, it is the best platform I have come across. Just a few clicks and you are good to go. So many products from which I can choose from. Perfect for me.

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