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I Made A Sale! Now What?

Congratulations on making a sale!

You’ll see an email come through on your phone or laptop.

Screenshot of Order Notification

So what are you supposed to do next?

You’ll need to let the supplier know what the customer wants. This is done in the Orders section of your SellStream shop by simply clicking on the “Purchase Order Fulfillment” button. You are going to be purchasing the product at the wholesale price from the supplier using your own credit card. Once you’ve sent the order, sit back and relax!

DropShip Order Page

The supplier will receive your order request and will package and label your customer’s product for you. Since you are Dropshipping the products, the supplier will not include their own branding on the products. The supplier will then ship the product to your customer

In most cases, you’ll be given a tracking number, so you can see when the package is delivered to your customer. You will have complete visibility so you can be sure your customer is happy, so you can be happy too.

1 thought on “I Made A Sale! Now What?”

  1. This seems like very easy to use the website for dropshipping. Everything is connected through email. And the best part is the Tracking number for ease of use Thumbs up for that SELL STREAM.

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