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Is SellStream a Marketplace?

So, what is an online Marketplace? A Marketplace is a website that you can visit and browse items from many different shop owners. Think eBay, Amazon, and even Etsy. You bring up the Amazon website on your browser, type in an item you are looking for, and voila! All items for sale that match that keyword pop up, no matter who is selling that item.

A Marketplace is very handy for getting your product items out there and available to people to buy. You may look at this as a great opportunity for your products to be visible and you don’t need to do anything. But that really isn’t the case. You still need to enhance your product descriptions and promote your products if you want to get them sold.

Even then, there’s no guarantee that your product will be found for someone to purchase. You are in competition with thousands of other sellers that might have a similar product to yours. In a Marketplace setting, it’s very possible a buyer will skip over your product item and pick someone else’s item.

So What About SellStream?

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SellStream is not a Marketplace. Each SellStream website is set up for the individual shop owner to take full advantage of their own marketing efforts. Think about it – if you are doing the work to optimize your products, promote your website URL, talking to bloggers, posting on social media, etc – then you should take all the credit and proceeds of your hard work.

The only products displayed on your SellStream website are YOUR products. If the product sells, YOU get all the money from it. SellStream does not take a cut of YOUR money.

Since SellStream is not a Marketplace, you don’t need to worry about competing with other sellers on your own website. You get all the credit for your marketing prowess. And as the money rolls in, you get to keep it all!

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