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Step 2: Create A Website

Ok, now you can get started on creating a website, if you haven’t already. There are many, many website options available to you. It’s incredible how easy creating a website can be. Literally, anyone can do it with a single click of a button.

But different website platforms make their websites do different types of functions. For instance, you wouldn’t want to set up a website on a real estate platform if you want to sell makeup or shoes. Similarly, a blog (or a vlog??) is a great way to talk about your opinions, but it’s not robust enough to really give you the options you need to sell things (not without shelling out a lot of cash on add-on apps). You want to pick a platform that allows you to dropship products, and comes with all the tools you need to create a successful business, without having to pay for more.

And even then, most dropshipping companies don’t make it easy for you. After you create an account, they require you to set up ANOTHER account with a middleman, and set up even ANOTHER account with a supplier. Hmm, that’s a lot of separate usernames and passwords to keep straight. Not to mention the fact you need to figure out what website you need to go to for each piece of this crazy puzzle. But they all “work together”, right? Like that was never an issue! Or, you can try going a more straightforward route and find your own supplier. But, you still need to set up a username/password with them (really? great), get their API or CSV feed of products (a what?), and somehow plug it into the website you just started (huh?).

Confused yet? Well, that’s why we created SellStream. We not only give you a turnkey website, we’ve already integrated with the suppliers so you don’t need to worry about that part. We made SellStream a one-stop shop. You don’t need to create a new account with the suppliers. You don’t need to go to another website to order the product. And, you don’t need to worry about different systems syncing together. We take care of all that for you. All you need to do is focus on your business.

If you haven’t gotten started yet, it’s real easy. On our homepage (, you just need to enter your email address and the niche you’ve decided to go with. Then, enter a password to have your SellStream account created in our system. And BOOM! You’ve got a new website, branded to you, with your niche products already in it. Easy Peasy!

The next step is to optimize your website.

Steps Listed:
Step 1: Create a Business
Step 2: Create A Website
Step 3: Optimize Your Website
Step 4: Optimize Your Products
Step 5: Market Your Business

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  1. I am happy that I have to search no more, glad to have found this all in one platform to avoid mess of owning and managing multiple platforms. I will start business with Sell Stream and hope to grow together.

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