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Step 3: Optimize Your Website

Now, we would like to point out that all of these items are optional. You can start marketing your website right from the jump. But we HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend going through this list and adding this information to your website. Not only will it make your website look more complete and trustworthy, it will help with your search engine optimization. 

And, granted this means taking a bit more time to work on your website before you’re even going to sell a thing. But, this is another one of those things you will want to invest time in. 

Add Bank Account

Do you want to get paid when the buyers start buying on your website? Of course you do! Well, we need your bank account information in your account so we know where to send that money. Here is a great blog article about what to do:

Add Custom URL

Remember that URL we were talking about in Step 1? This would be a good time to enter it into your SellStream Account. This is added under the Shop Settings in your admin console. By the way, it’s free!

Add MetaData

What is MetaData? This is information that goes in the backend of your website. Search engines like Google and Bing see this information when they look at your website. This gives them just a little more detail about your website. 

This is added under the Shop Settings in your admin console. We’ve already added a Meta Title, but we recommend you customize it a little, and add a description as well. You can also add the Keywords if you would like

Google Analytics

This is added under the Shop Settings in your admin console. Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. This service is free, you just need to create an account, which will provide you with a Google Analytics Tracking ID (ex: UA-16503321-1). Simply enter the number in this field on your Shop Settings page. Please keep in mind, it can take at least 24 hours for traffic data to begin recording from your website. After that, you can log into your Google Analytics account to view website traffic data. Also, keep in mind that you have additional Admin Reports that SellStream makes available to you as well.

Change Theme

Your SellStream shop is set up with one of our custom made website themes. But, if you want to make changes, or see what other types of themes are available, you are more than welcome to check them out under the Theme Settings tab.

Add a custom header

If you’re handy with graphics or even want to create something using a free tool on your computer (like Paint), then you can upload a custom header into your theme. This is found under the Theme Layout Settings tab, and depending on the theme you’ve selected, the header will display in a certain spot. 

Add Homepage Blurb

Search engines like to see some custom text on your homepage. So go ahead and add a little information about who you are and why you are the best website to buy products from. We would recommend you keep it short and sweet though. You don’t want to add a ton of paragraphs and push your products down too far on the page for anyone to find. Move the ton of paragraphs to a custom page.

Add some Custom Pages

Customers like to see a little information on your website such as an About The Store, or Shipping Policy, or Return Policy. This is information that customer’s look at before they decide whether or not you are worth their time buying something from. We recommend creating some custom pages to help round out your shop and make it look like an actual living person is running it. We recommend adding your social media links to your custom pages so your customers can connect with you.

Steps Listed:
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Step 2: Create A Website
Step 3: Optimize Your Website
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Step 5: Market Your Business

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  1. Customizing a meta description with keywords, a good suggestion. Incorporation of google analytics within few clicks and additional reports is the icing on the top.

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