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Step 4: Optimize Your Products

Look through the products

The great thing about a turn-key dropshipping shop is that it is automatically populated with products from the niche you selected. But, we definitely recommend you go through and familiarize yourself with these products. Read through the description, look at the pictures, decide if you like it or not. If you have something else in mind, feel free to use our handy search tools to look for different products. You can exchange the product out as often as you like. 

Here’s a link to our article on how to find and edit products: 

Do some research

Now I have some bad news. You need to do some homework. Normally, you don’t do homework as an adult, am I right?! It causes a little pit in our stomach when we think about “homework”. But, it’s time to brush up on your researching skills (or internet stalking skills if you prefer) and take a look at your competitors again.

By the way, checking in on your competitors is not cheating or wrong in any way. If you don’t think they’re checking up on you, think again. If you want to out-show your competitors it helps to see what they are doing. That being said, do not just copy what other people are doing or writing. That’s called plagiarism, and just means that you have absolutely no imagination whatsoever to write your own content. Getting ideas by seeing what other people are doing is good, but then you have to make it your own. Ok, moving on.

So, what kind of research are we talking about here? Well, the products you are selling on your dropshipping website are also being sold on A LOT of other dropshipping websites. Suppliers want their products sold, right? So they want lots of shop owners to try to sell their products. Thus, these products are probably on other dropshipping sites as well.

When you’re looking through your competitors, check to see how they are describing the products. Are they using the stock description that came from the supplier? Or, are they jazzing it up with more details? 

Research Pricing

Also, what is the price your item is going for? In order to be worth a profit, we recommend that the retail price of a product be 40% more than the wholesale price. That means, you get to keep that 40%. That may not seem like much if the wholesale price is $1.00, you charge $1.40, so you get $0.40. But hey, repeat that 100 times and you made $40 bucks! 

But let’s look at it another way. You want to sell a pair of shoes that has a wholesale price of $40.00. 40% of that is $16.00, so you make the retail value of those shoes $56.00 on your website. However, looking at some of your competitors, they are selling the exact same shoe for $49.99. Well, if a customer is looking around, they’re going to buy the shoe for the cheaper price, which is not you. You will need to make your product pricing comparable to what’s out in the internet.

Here’s another scenario to consider. You want to sell baking supplies that have a wholesale price of $45.00, but looking at all of the sites selling the product, it’s market value is really $55.00. That’s really only a 22% markup, not 40%. Can you still sell it? Of course! But, just know that to be competitive, you need to know what the market value is, and that you won’t be making as much money off of it.

In either case, you have the option to still put the product on your website, or you can decide that you want to find something that would be a better deal.

Change some stuff

Now, armed with the research you’ve done, you can make some adjustments to your products. You don’t need to completely overhaul every single item. But we do recommend that you edit or improve the product name, description, meta data and price on an as needed basis.

Organize the Categories

You can create your own shop categories to organize your products. These Categories will show up on your website for customers to click and filter on. This also makes it easy for your customers to find a product or group of products they are interested in. Take a little time to figure out how you want to organize your Categories.

Make your products “available” on your website

Last but not least, make sure all of your products are marked as “available” so they will display on your shop website. Hint: this is found under the Product Visibility section.

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