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Step 5: Market Your Business

Now that you have your new business setup and your website is organized and optimized, it’s time to start attracting visitors. Your website is optimized for search engines to find you and start crawling your website. However, it can take months for your website to start ranking that way, and even then that will only give you a very small ranking.

Your best bet is to try to get visitors by advertising your website. This costs money, but it will begin sending people to your website so it can start getting some exposure.  We have a great article on how to start advertising on Facebook. It’s fairly inexpensive and easy to set up. Check out our video and article:

Steps Listed:
Step 1: Create a Business
Step 2: Create A Website
Step 3: Optimize Your Website
Step 4: Optimize Your Products
Step 5: Market Your Business

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  1. Facebook is definitely the cheapest way to start. The article is definitely worth reading. I got a lot of information after reading all the steps. Thumbs up for Sell Stream.

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