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What is Dropshipping For Suppliers?

I am continually amazed at the ingenuity people have. It seems like almost every day there is another product, gadget, or food that is being created. And most of the time, these are products, gadgets, or food that we never knew we always wanted!! A demand is created based on a simple fact that we see something new, and we have got to HAVE IT!

A company that has that innovation of producing captivating products has a lot to juggle at one time. Not only production, but invention, maintenance, marketing; not to mention building leases, payroll, the list goes on and on.

The good news is, you don’t have to do everything alone! Now, SellStream can’t really help much with production, and the invention definitely is what you’re best at! But, we can help with the marketing aspect.

The thing that makes all your hard work worth the effort is when those sales come rolling in! That is what we hope to help you with! And we do that by dropshipping!

So, really, what is dropshipping for suppliers?

Dropshipping is when you, the supplier, allow other people (the merchants) to sell your products on their website. It’s similar to when you make a sell on your own website.

The difference, is that dropshipping merchants are the ones focused on making the sale. Since the merchant doesn’t need to worry about the invention, production and maintenance of creating products, they can spend more of their time focused on selling your products for you.

So, How Does The Merchant Sell My Products?

How dropshipping for suppliers can earn more online

It’s actually quite simple really. SellStream was created to be the easiest dropshipping platform available. First you create a free supplier account with SellStream. SellStream will validate your company to make sure you are who you say you are. Then, you import your products into SellStream using our handy tools. After that, the products are then instantly made available to all of our merchants. Your products are also immediately marked as Premium products so they get featured throughout the site.

Merchants will see your products in SellStream and select which ones they want to add to their shop. Merchants will then market your products through any medium they choose (Facebook, Google Ads, etc) to introduce your products to more protentional customers.

Once a customer buys your product on the merchant’s store, the merchant turns around and orders the product from you through SellSteam, paying the wholesale price that you’ve determined. You then process the order, as if it came in through any one of your other sales funnels.

The one key difference with dropshipping, you agree to not include your own company branding. Think of it as being behind the scenes. The merchant is working hard to promote the sale of the product, and the merchant wants to also promote return customers. This only helps you more by getting potentially more sales. So, to help the merchant promote the return customer, the dropshipping supplier maintains an air of anonymity.

What’s the Upside?

Dropshipping for suppliers is free!

Simply put, this is another way for you to make more sales without needing to focus all that intently on making those sales. It’s free marketing. Did we mention that this whole system is free?!

Yup, The Whole Service Is Free For Suppliers!

SellStream does not charge suppliers any membership fees. And SellStream never takes a cut of your sales. The only fees you pay are the processing fees set forth by the payment processor.

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